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Our Wineries

The wineries shown here are those which have become members of WAM; and  as industry members who proudly make genuine Montana products, and in keeping with our bylaws, each WAM winery must actually produce (ferment, clarify, stabilize and bottle) at least 51% of their wine in Montana.

Montana Made, Montana Proud!

Many of our wineries sell direct to customers at their tasting rooms or ship directly to consumers.  They may also sell wine to retailers or distributors.


We will help to find suitable wine for you.

Contact the wineries listed below for information about their wines and your purchasing opportunities.

WAM Member Wineries

(click on logos below for websites)

Tongue River Winery

Miles City, Montana

Flathead Lake Winery

Polson, Montana

   Willow Mountain Winery

Corvallis, Montana

White Raven Winery

Columbia Falls, Montana

Semi-Dry Wine

Harmonious taste


A sparkling wine

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